Insights for your decision-making and growing your business

Anticipating changes in the market and business environment early and adapting quickly are key strengths that make a company successful. We assist our clients in doing so by providing them with prime quality quantitative and qualitative knowledge based on market and competitive intelligence data as well as consulting services.

Market and Competitive Intelligence.

Having a sound and up-to-date understanding of market and competition structures and dynamics are vital to strengthening market positions and exploiting growth potentials. Moreover it is essential to continuously indentify and monitor risks affecting business performance and investments. We provide intelligence that helps our clients to meet these constant challenges.    

What we offer.

  • Analyzing market structures and segments along   the value chain                                            
  • Sizing markets and market shares
  • Assessing market and demand trends
  • Analyzing pricing
  • Conducting analyses of regulations and the legislation, e.g. environmental standards
  • Conducting customer satisfaction surveys
  • Identifying potential business partners, incl. distributors and investors
  • Analyzing location factors for customers planning to establish a subsidiary
  • Analyzing the competitive landscape


  • Analyzing competitors or investment projects and developing company profiles
  • Analyzing strenghts and weaknesses
  • Conducting benchmark analyses
  • Analyzing the Unique Selling Proposition (USP)


We assist our clients and its management with advice. By doing it we offer an idenpendent perspective that enables our clients to take comprehensive and fact-based decisions. This way we directly contribute to the enhancement of our client's business development and strengthening of its market position. Our advisory services range from the project design to concepts regarding the market development and investments. Our counsel is based on our expertise, market and sector knowledge, intelligence derived from our customer projects, as well as our (local) networks.      


We apply proven research, analysis, and advisory tools in order to design and conduct customer projects with a short, medium, and long-term focus. All our projects are based on empirically-generated data. Part of our analysis tool box are qualitative content analysis, quantitative analysis or scenario development.